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08 december 2014

“Farsh & bochka” will offer St. Petersburg residents domestic Kraft beer and sausages

Farsh & Bochka Café was opened in St. Petersburg on 11 Belinskogo Street. It is yet another project of creators of well-known places loved by all residents such as “Trappist”, “Manneken lis”, and “Pivnaya karta”. ASTERA acted as a consultant in this transaction.

Official opening of the café “Farsh & bochka” was held today on November, 14, 2014. “At first sight, the name sounds harsh, however, it holds clear message, - says Alexey Burov, cofounder of Pivnaya Karta Group”. – We focused on two directions: handmade sausages and best Kraft beer brands from breweries that we entirely trust. Generally speaking, these are the products worth coming for: there are no rivals to us in Saint Petersburg in terms of both quality and prices”.

As in other St. Petersburg projects, founders will offer their customers ideal storage system and beer pouring, selection from more than 100 beer brands, and also a great number of handmade sausages which are produced from the best types of poultry and meat in the café itself. Particularly, in “Farsh & bochka” guests will be able to taste such types of sausages as “Duck with apples”, “Turkey with nutmeg”, “Butcher with giblets”, “Megres with mint” and others.

One of the specialties of a new project is the usage of domestic raw materials: “From the very beginning we have been planning to focus on domestic products, - says Alexey Burov. – Thus, about 20-30% of all beer brands in the café “Farsh & bochka” are products of new Kraft brewers from Moscow, Saint Petersburg, and Yekaterinburg. We make sausages only from meat and poultry which are purchased in Russia (for example, poultry from Rostov, pork from Pskov)”.

Project’s founders expect “Farsh & bochka” to accept up to 10 000 guests per month. Average check including two beers and main course will amount to 550 rubles.

“Similar to our other brands, we are not planning to develop this project as chain project. The concept of café chain directly contradict our views”, - specifies Alexey Burov.

The facility has the area of 177 sq.m. ASTERA an alliance member of BNP Paribas Real Estate acted as a consultant of lease transaction. Investments into the project estimated to 20 million rubles. Payback period accounts to 2,5 years.

“There are only few projects like this in Saint Petersburg and they have stable demand among residents, because they offer excellent balance of quality and price. Moreover, a ban on smoking in public places significantly expanded target audience of beer restaurants. The reality is that step by step they become family places that people can visit with their children. In some projects there are even children’s rooms organized. I think this format will be very successful even during the recession period on the market of public catering”, - assures Olga Atkachis, head of Street Retail Department at ASTERA an alliance member of BNP Paribas Real Estate.

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