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We truly appreciate our clients and we are especially concerned about the quality of services provided. To enhance the quality of our services we kindly ask you to answer the following questions.
The quality evaluation is rated by the 5-point scale (5 - perfect; 1- fail) or by the open answers.
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  1. Please rate the professional competence of a manager who works with you: the knowledge of the Real Estate market, legal aspects of the transaction and the contractual relationship, information about the object / client *
  2. Has the manager correctly identified and taken into account the individual needs of your business during the process of finding the object / client? *
  3. Please rate the efficiency of the manager?s work in terms of meeting the deadlines. (5 - excellent, 1 - unsatisfactory) *
  4. Were you satisfied with ASTERA consultant?s personal characteristics? Did you feel comfortable working with him or her? *
  5. Would you recommend the ASTERA company to your business partners? *
  6. Will you contact the ASTERA company again, if you need real estate services? *
  7. What other additional services in the real estate market, would you like to recieve, in addition to the rendered ones?
  8. Your suggestions to improve the quality of work of the ASTERA company
  9. Would you like to receive free online newsletters of the most recent offers of real estate market and analysts from the ASTERA company by your e-mail twice a month?