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Property Managment

ASTERA is pleased to present you Property Management Services

Over 22 years of successful work we gained significant experience in real estate industry and now we have all necessary resources to provide effective lease of commercial and residential real estate premises.

Commercial and residential property management provided by ASTERA is professional assistance to owners of apartments and country houses, proprietors of office premises and street-retail objects of any format and purpose who is willing to receive sustainable rental income and keep their temporary resources.

ASTERA Property Management Services include:

1. Analysis and optimization of lease policy 
Using effective data of our own analytical department, we will help you to state optimal rental rate and lease your premises at the most favorable terms.

2. Choosing tenant
Quickly and efficiently ASTERA experts will find the right tenant for you and give all necessary advice on rent issues.

3. Legal support
ASTERA consultants provide full legal support of your transaction including the development of contractual framework, claim settlement and court representation if necessary.

4. Lease relationship management
We regulate all financial issues between owners of premises and tenants including the preparation of bills, renewal of contracts and replacement of tenants.

5. Solution to operational issues
During the term of your agreement we monitor your real estate premises, establish contacts with energy suppliers, pay utility bills, electricity, telephone, Internet, control safety and security arrangements on the object, and also keep the premises and adjoined territories in appropriate sanitary condition.

If it is necessary we are able to organize finishing operations including coordination of terms, and to control the quality of provided works.

ASTERA property management services are essential when:

• You have commercial or residential property, or you are ready to acquire real estate as effective investment
• You are willing to receive sustainable yield from your real estate premises
• You do not have free time and possibility to manage your investments, and to appear at the object quickly in case of any emergencies.

We will make your rental business profitable and efficient!

Why is it advantageous to use ASTERA property management services?

1. Full package of services
The key advantage of Property management services is complex approach that offers solutions of all issues concerning the lease of real estate.

2. Economy of Your Time
You do not have to search for tenants, control bill payments and monitor your property condition – ASTERA experts will do everything for you.

3. Evident benefit of a client
We optimize expenses for technical services and operation of your real estate object, and provide the receipt of sustainable income at the most favorable terms.

4. Fraud protection
Competent legal support of your transaction will protect you from fraud.

The cost of commercial and residential property management services amounts to 10% of the monthly rental payment for the property. Search and attraction of tenants are paid separately.

Property management provided by ASTERA experts is conducted on the basis of agency agreement to perform complex property management services.

If you are interested in Property Management services, you are free to contact us by phone: (812) 703 00 03 or via e-mail: