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Please, do not hesitate to ask any question related to business activities of ASTERA .
For more information about the services, please, contact our consultants in Saint-Petersburg +7(812)703-00-03 or Moscow +7(495) 925-00-05.

On what terms does ASTERA work with the owners of in-built premises when leasing them?

Reply: To begin the selection of the tenant a working agreement is concluded with the owner of the premises. Within the framework of this agreement the search for a client for your project will be performed. The commission fee can be paid either by the owner, or by the client. The chosen variant of cooperation will affect the interaction mechanism, and how quickly the proposals will be received.

On what terms does ASTERA work with Shopping Complexes

Reply: We work with Shopping Complexes on a contractual basis with commission fee to be paid by the owner. The premises are leased to the tenants free of commission. The exceptions are made for the most demanded shopping complexes, which have internal waiting lists for the premises.

How does ASTERA promote the project?

Reply: Marketing of the projects is performed with the help of a wide range of advertising and PR-tools. First of all, we offer premises to our regular customers. Over 19 years of successful operation we have generated a client base comprising over 4?000 companies. Our resources allow us to attract to your project a new exclusive client of regional or federal scale, with no previous representation on the Saint-Petersburg market. Within the framework of the working agreement we promote the project by placing on the building facade our company external advertisement, well-known to our clients. Besides, we place project data on the profile Internet-portals and in printed publications. As an additional service, we may offer PR-accompanying of you business development.

Do you evaluate the project for lease?

Reply: Your broker will surely give you his expert advice on the project to determine the rental rates level and project price; he will also provide you with the professional market consultancy. Besides, our clients have free of charge access to the commercial real estate market reviews, elaborated on a quarterly basis by ASTERA Consulting Department. To determine the project price we additionally offer our clients the following services: -Pre-brokerage ? determination of the preliminary demand for the real estate project from the tenants side; -Professional evaluation with documentary conclusion on the market price of the project.

On what terms do you work with clients-tenants?

Reply: ASTERA works with clients on the basis of cooperation agreement, under which the selection of premises most suitable for your business is performed. The size of commission fee of our company is equal to the monthly rental rate and is to be paid once upon conclusion of the lease transaction for the premises.

Where can the city average rental rates be checked?

Reply: You can receive the professional advice of your broker within the framework of the working agreement, or can refer to our market reviews, which are available free of charge on our web-site in section ?Market Research?.

Do you deal with a built-to-suit format, or can you recommend any company dealing with this format?

Reply: Our company has strong business connections with the major international and Russian financial, investment, development and construction corporations and networks. We can arrange the whole cycle of project realization built-to-suit. For more details please contact our specialists on the telephone numbers given on the web-site.