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03 april 2014

ASTERA takes part in the development of PELIPASTA restaurant chain

This year PELIPASTA restaurant chain, which entered St. Petersburg market in 2013, is planning to open about 15 café-restaurants in the Northern Capital. There are two cafes that are already functioning in the city, and another two are to be opened in the near future. Also the company is planning to enter regional markets by selling franchise.

PELIPASTA is a restaurant of a new ‘pasta-bar’ format, which is already popular in England, Holland, Spain, and the USA. Basically, the concept suggests front cooking, real-life communication with customers during food preparation, and only fresh ingredients at reasonable prices.

‘We really like this concept. It is very interesting and unusual, and most importantly, it is new in a fast food segment! But we will not serve only pasta. Today our menu includes pelmeni (Russian ravioli), vareniki (dumplings), cream soup, and desserts. Our principles are provision of only fresh natural ingredients, high-quality of food preparation, and front cooking’, - says Pavel Basov, CEO of PELIPASTA restaurant chain.

According to Pavel Basov, investments into the openiastera-uchastvuet-v-razvitii-seti-kafe-restoranov-pelipastang of one café-restaurant estimates at about 50 thousand rubles per square meter with average check of 210-220 rubles. ‘When choosing premises we first think about our customers’ comfort and rate of return, that’s why we try to find facilities with total area from 60 to 110 sq.m in the area with a high level of attendance and a large number of businesses around’, - explains the expert.

Today in Saint Petersburg two café-restaurants of PELIPASTA chain are functioning. They are both in ‘express’ format and situated on 12, Basseynaya Street (20 sq.m facility) and on 4, Tipanova Street (80 sq.m facility). Both premises are located in a 5-minute walk from Park Pobedy and Moskovskaya metro stations. In April the third café with the area of 90 sq.m will be launched on 2, Moskovsky prospect. ASTERA an alliance member of BNP Paribas Real Estate has assisted in finding premises on 4, Tipanova Street.

Both locations are favorable for the project which is oriented for average customer. The cafés are situated near Metro stations and Moskovsky prospect. The closeness to transport corridor allows the company optimizing rental rates and saving the advantages of these locations. Average rental rate of the premises on Basseynaya Street amounts to 70-100 thousand rubles per month, on Tipanova Street it is 170-200 thousand rubles’, - comments Olga Atkatchis, Head of Retail Department at ASTERA an alliance member of BNP Paribas Real Estate.

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